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Consider an online college

Online colleges are a great option for students who are looking to earn college credit but might not have the time or resources to go on campus. Students who excel in online learning are those who are adept at using technology and are willing to hold themselves accountable for their workload and homework.

Nearly 8 Million Students Are Learning Online

Is the new frontier of learning right for you?

The future of digital learning

MOOC's are facing challenges but seeking to become better learning outlets for students

Access Distance Learning | Adult Learners

Is online college right for you?

Online College Classes

What are your options for earning a degree—or at least some classes online?

Online degree success

Melissa Nicholas pursued her PBA degree online

Learning Online | Pros and cons of online learning

Consider these advantages and disadvantages of learning online

Distance Learning Program | College Online Courses

When you’re a senior, consider taking online college courses to get transfer credit.

Take College Courses Online While in High School?

Here are three reasons to take college courses online while in high school

Are online courses for you?

Take an online course while in high school or after to help you prepare for college, get college credit or finish up high school.

Is an online degree for you?

If you’re self-motivated and want to stay put for college, consider taking college classes online.

Learn leadership online

If you’re considering getting a degree as an adult, consider joining an online classroom.

A classroom in your computer with online learning

Online classes can help provide flexibility in your schedule

Are you cut out for online learning?

Going to class online to finish your bachelor’s degree sounds tempting, but take this quiz to find out if it’s your best option.

A message from RIT’s Online Learning Department

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